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RFK Friend to Raise Doubts About Sirhan Guilt at Parole Hearing

On the eve of Sirhan Sirhan’s parole hearing, I just published a lengthy article at Who What Why about Paul Schrade’s courageous appearance before the panel and the history of injustice in Sirhan’s parole process. Since 1982, California has treated Sirhan like a political prisoner who will never be released, not a human being who has served his time and has the right to a fair hearing and the rule of law.

Two weeks ago, I asked the Board of Parole Hearings for the legal justification behind their ban on video and audio recordings of tomorrow’s hearing. They still haven’t given me an answer and this high-handed, unaccountable approach was reflected in Sirhan’s treatment by the commissioners at his last hearing. The absence of cameras tightens their control around a political prisoner they don’t want to public to see.

As the clips of the 2011 hearing I’ve posted recently illustrate, Sirhan is intelligent, articulate, remorseful and at 71 years old, a danger to nobody.