What Sirhan remembers

In March 2011, Sirhan Sirhan appeared in public for the first time in fourteen years at his most recent parole hearing. He was suffering from Valley fever but showed a sense of humour, a sense of humility and a devotion to the Bible that may surprise the Twitterati who still mistake him for an Islamic terrorist.

In the sequence above, you’ll see Sirhan sharing what he remembers about the night of the shooting and the mysterious girl who led him into a dark place in search of coffee. The parole board then delivers its verdict, completely ignoring Dr. Brown’s report validating Sirhan’s amnesia, shamelessly criticising Sirhan for an ‘immature comment’ about being victimised in prison after 9-11 and concluding Sirhan ‘would pose an unreasonable risk of danger or threat to public safety, if released.’

The panel shows extraordinary ignorance of the evidence and says Sirhan needs to do more self-help without recognising the three years of self-help and ‘looking into himself’ Sirhan had just done with Dr. Brown. What good did Sirhan’s intensive attempts at rehabilitation and self-help in the seventies do him? His parole date was rescinded. As the panel explain their decision, who can blame him for turning to his attorney with a rueful smile?