Inside Sirhan’s Mind

Today’s post continues our audio retrospective and keeps the focus on the mental state of Sirhan Sirhan on the night of the shooting. On January 26, 1969, shortly before Sirhan’s trial, the defense and prosecution psychiatrists, Dr. Bernard Diamond and Dr Seymour Pollack, went up to see Sirhan with defense investigator Robert Blair Kaiser. They put him under hypnosis and had him try to re-enact the night of the shooting in one of the most disturbing sessions you’re ever likely to hear.

During his first summer on Death Row in San Quentin, Sirhan received twenty weekly visits from the prison’s senior psychologist Dr. Eduard Simson Kallas. They built a strong rapport and Sirhan wanted Simson-Kallas to use hypnosis to help him remember the night of the shooting but the warden terminated the visits before the hypnosis sessions could start. Here, Simson-Kallas reflects on the Sirhan case with Mae Brussell.

Diamond, Pollack, Kaiser and Simson-Kallas all believed Sirhan was in a hypnotic state when he fired his gun at the Ambassador. Sirhan practiced self-hypnosis at home in his room and Diamond believed that, triggered by the mirrors at the Ambassador Hotel, Sirhan had carried out the posthypnotic suggestion repeatedly inscribed in his notebooks “R.F.K. must die.” Kaiser and Simson-Kallas believed Sirhan was a Manchurian Candidate, hypnotically programmed by persons unknown to kill Kennedy. What they all agreed was that Sirhan was not in his right mind on the night of the shooting.

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  1. gerry campeau says:

    In My research of Assassination of JFK I have come to the conclusion that Oswald was under the control of Col. Boris T Pash and over the last 52 years that Pash’s civilian job as chief of Armies Intelligence for the Soviet block he sent LHO to Russia as bait to secure knowledge of Soviets lead in ICBM and Satellites. His role in intelligence in Russia has been suppressed and covered up to miss lead the public. Pash has long history dating back to working for JP Morgan Davison Red Cross in 1918 to head Counter Intelligence for Manhattan Project, followed by Davison son taking him on as head of PB/7 at CIA well still remaining with Army. Pash has long history relating to Mind Control and he also has history of recreating foreigners for future use. It may not be a coincident that Sirhan Family shared same Orthodox religion as Pash The Army taking a early interest in Sirhan. The roll of LAPD staff being former Army Intelligence in Korea and there use of Drugs on POW in Japan were Pash had Japanese Unit 731 assets. The fact that one of Sirhan LAPD handlers started a billion dollar plus Security Guard Business with NASSA once Pash responsibility
    My point is the Cover-up is main Story today of Assassination of John and Robert Kennedy that go hand in hand with Sirhan.

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