The rule of law

This country is governed by the rule of law, it is not governed by terrorist tactics. Now, if you want to deprive me of my rights under your own established rules and your own laws, at least come out and tell me that outright rather than to tell me that you didn’t go to Alcoholics Anonymous programs and on that basis, we’re going to deprive you of your liberty. Tell me that you’re a terrorist and we don’t want you out of our prison, I can live with that. But all these deceptions and devious ways of denying me parole, I don’t think it’s fair.

In the clip above, Sirhan Sirhan responds to being denied parole in 1985, the first of eleven parole hearing transcripts we posted yesterday on the Mary Ferrell Foundation site. Today, we’re posting the transcript of the three-day parole hearing in 1983 below, which completes our set of all available parole hearing transcripts from 1978 to date. For earlier transcripts, see our previous posts.