Justice and Compassion

Today, I’m posting Sirhan Sirhan’s closing statement from his previous parole hearing in 2011 – abruptly curtailed by the commissioner – followed by a statement from William Weisel, one of the shooting victims, who voiced no objection to Sirhan being paroled.

I’m very pleased to say that Paul Schrade, a close friend of Bobby Kennedy and his family, will attend this year’s hearing. Paul stood beside RFK during his victory speech and then walked behind him into the pantry, where he was shot in the head by Sirhan and his friend Bob was assassinated.

Paul Schrade wounded Q77.25

Now 91, he has led a campaign to reopen the case for over forty years, based on eyewitness evidence that Sirhan could not have fired the fatal shot described in Kennedy’s autopsy and an analysis of the only known audio recording of the shooting which indicates thirteen shots – and two guns – were fired. Paul recently worked with Bobby Kennedy’s family to turn the Ambassador Hotel into the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools complex and will address Sirhan and the parole board at the end of the hearing.

Both Weisel and Schrade embody the values of justice, understanding and compassion championed by Bobby Kennedy but noticeably lacking in Sirhan’s parole process over the last thirty-four years.

2 thoughts on “Justice and Compassion

  1. Gina Judd says:

    I hope someone sees this message. Why are people hoping for anything from those parole people? First of all if Sirhan didn’t kill Kennedy he shouldn’t have to say he’s guilty of it ever, which is what is required by the parole board to even consider giving him that.

    What Sirhan needs is the Innocence Project or the National Registry of Exonerations. I believe he is innocent and I think more and more people are. These people have helped 1700 innocent people get out of prison. See if they will help Sirhan! What I think you should do is get a petition and gather as many signatures as possible from people who would like for them to help Sirhan get exonerated not paroled. He didn’t do it, he should never have to say he did it. Anyways get some signatures and approach the people at the innocence project or at this website CONTACT US
    We welcome new information from any source about the exonerations that are already on our list and about new cases that might be exonerations. And we will be happy to respond to inquiries about the Registry.


    If you start a petition I will sign it and my husband will sign it and I can get others to sign it. You know what I just want to see someone who has been wrongly treated by the system have the ability to right it. I’m losing faith in my fellow man watching people get treated like Sirhan was and is over something he didn’t even do. Help Sirhan and help me and people like me get our faith in humanity back.

    Forget about those idiots at the CDC parole board. They don’t understand anything except what little they have been trained on and that isn’t dealing with innocent people. I will help if anyone would like me too.


    • Shane O'Sullivan says:

      Thanks for these tips, Gina and sorry for the late reply. Paul Schrade is in touch with the Innocence Project and I will check with the National Registry of Exonerations and let you know when we start a petition.

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