Denied again

Sadly but predictably, Sirhan Sirhan was denied parole for the 15th time yesterday in San Diego. I’ll post full reaction soon but for now, here are the pool images shot by the AP photographer at the hearing and two reports from the ABC affiliate in San Diego featuring reaction from Paul Schrade and Sirhan’s attorney William Pepper.

You can watch further reaction from Paul Schrade in reports from the NBC station in San Diego and the ABC affiliate in Los Angeles.

2 thoughts on “Denied again

  1. Karin Bros says:

    Hi, Is there no place that people who are upset about this might exert some expression of displeasure that might make a political difference?

    • Shane O'Sullivan says:

      Hi Karin,

      Sirhan’s parole decision is subject to a 120-day review period, so you could write to the BPH Executive Officer at the address below:

      Jennifer Shaffer, Executive Officer, Board of Parole Hearings
      Post Office Box 4036, Sacramento, CA 95812-4036

      Paul Schrade has also formally requested L.A. County D.A. Jackie Lacey to reopen the case, so you could also write to her here:

      District Attorney Jackie Lacey, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office
      211 West Temple Street, Suite 1200, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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